Affordable Juicing : Part 1

Vegan eating and juicing are pricey, but here are ways to make juice cheap and my latest juice recipe.

I can be change.

A couple weeks ago, a friend came from Tennessee for a visit. When I had one glass of wine too many one evening, I started ranting about the state of America's church and apathy. That's an aside. What she challenged me to do is start being the change I desire to see. 3 personal changes …

Is Daily Harvest Worth It? – The Vegan Subscription Review Round 1

Daily harvest smoothie subscription

You’re about to read my Daily Harvest smoothie review! As a vegan, I’m hunting for easy and convenient ways to eat vegan on the go, so I figured I’d try out Daily Harvest. So far, I’ve ordered a couple smoothies, a cauliflower rice bowl and most recently, some veggie dinner bowls which I haven’t tried …