Affordable Juicing : Part 1


Beautiful juice. As a mostly vegan eater (see what I mean by freegan), I love juice. If you’re in the Knoxville area looking for a vegan spot, Juice Box is an awesome juice bar that has fresh juices that you can sample. They even have pre-made vegan lunch boxes. Last night, I met the girl who helped them launch the restaurant and she said a professional chef creates the lunch boxes! So cool. But this isn’t a blog about Juice Box, it’s about making yummy, affordable juice at home.

Juicing can be expensive and vegan eating is can also get pricey. My preferred way to juice is:

  1. Juicing clearance produce from the grocery. I LOVE that my local Kroger bags up produce that’s about to go bad and sells the bags for $0.99. It’s awesome.
  2. Repurposing the leftover juice pulp in creative ways.
  3. Juicing produce that’s pretty cheap to begin with…like apples and carrots which are great bases for many juices.

The high price of juicing comes from the amount of produce you need and sometimes the type. For instance, a lot of delicious juice recipes call for ginger. A ginger root isn’t the cheapest thing in the produce section, but it adds a lot of bang to your fresh juice.

Anyway, by juicing clearance produce, you get more bang for your buck (literally, $1 at Kroger!!!) and still have pulp that you can turn into interesting food. One time I made beet burgers and let me tell you, those made incredible lunches.

This Week’s Juice

So this week, I got three grapefruits on clearance at Kroger when they’re normally each $.99. 1/3 of the price my friends. And I came up with the following delicious recipe.


Homemade Tangster Juice

  • 2.5 grapefruits [I ate the other half on Thursday :)]
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1.5 handfuls baby carrots
  • 2 fistfuls of kale
  • 1 fistful of cilantro
  • 1 peeled cucumber

If you don’t like the taste of celery, I’d take that down to one stalk. And honestly, this recipe could have used 1/2 an apple for some sweetness, but it’s still tangy, a little bitter, and refreshing!


I love watching the colors blend, but the result was a rather interesting green-brown…


I love the end result of fresh juice because it’s like an intstant shot of energy. Fresh juice is full of vitamins, minerals and (generally) sweetness! If you like, you can blend it with some vanilla protein powder and ice to have a crazy good, workout recovery drink. Plus, like I said earlier, I repurpose the pulp, so tomorrow, I’ll show you my experiment with a vegetable, chickpea soup.

❤ The Freegan

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