Why I love Tone it Up

Okay, first of all, I am pretty lame. I am an ENFP and a 4 on the Enneagram which means I run around following whatever whim I have as long as I feel purposeful and generally filled. The only thing I’m consistent at is being inconsistent.

Dreams I have:

  • Creating an amazing daily prayer Instagram account.
  • Turning this blog into a beautiful photo-food blog.
  • Creating and testing my own recipes to put in this blog for you to enjoy.

The last one is a fresh goal and I am nowhere near even achieving it. And that’s the reason I want to rave about Tone It Up.

Deciding what to make and then actually making meals…the bane of my existence.

How do you decide what to make each day? What if someone else told you what to make as long as you liked what they were telling you to make?!


Okay, so back to that ENFP thing. I can’t create structure for myself. The 4 in me (from the enneagram) can sometimes move toward a performer when I’m in a healthy state. That’s usually the time I can actually get stuff done. But in general, I’m flippant about what I want to do.

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Tone It Up pretty much tells you what to eat and when. I have wiggle room to fit my grocery budget and to fit what’s leftover in my fridge from the last grocery trip, but it creates the structure I sorely lack in my life!

Some examples of the delicious things I’ve been eating and making lately:

Vegan protein waffle with apple slices and syrup on a plate

Vegan protein waffle (made with flax egg) with maple syrup and apple slices

Vegan strawberry muffins and pink flowers

Vegan, protein powder strawberry shortcake muffins


Vegan buddha bowl with tahini sauce – Kale, quinoa, edamame, sweet potato, onions and sprouts

Protein matcha balls with shredded coconut

Protein power matcha balls with shredded coonut

Cafe latte protein smoothie in a mug topped with chia cacao nibs and coconut

Cafe latte protein smoothie bowl topped with chia, cacao nibs and shredded coconut

All vegan, protein packed recipes

So I don’t just love the structure of being told what to make, when to make it, when to eat it and then having those recipes. I also adore Tone It Up for making vegan versions of everything! They also have pescetarian nutrition guides, vegetarian guides and gluten-free guides.

Am I a Tone It Up sellout? At this point, yes. It works, it’s delicious and they cater to my vegan recipe life.

And hopefully as the Tone It Up meal plan creates structure and consistency in my life (I actually wake up and work out almost every morning!), I will embrace the freedom of chasing my other goals.

First goal: test out a delicious zuchinni recipe as I promised on my Instagram.

By the way – that’s @fitandfreegan_tiu if you’re interested in seeing more photos!

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